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Oct 22, 2012

CMT Interview

Taylor Swift Begins Again With New Album, Red

Taylor Swift’s fans were wondering when she’d ever finish her brand new record, Red. Meanwhile, Swift realized the precise moment when the record was finally ready. It arrives in stores Monday (Oct. 22).

“I knew that the album was done when I literally wrote and wrote and wrote for two years and I wrote until I could not write anymore. I think that is when I knew,” she tells CMT.com. “I couldn’t physically, mentally, emotionally push myself to write one more song. At that point, I had 30 or 40 songs compiled for the record and it just was about paring it down to 16. It was not easy, but it is a good problem to have.”

During a recent swing through CMT, she cheerfully chatted about her latest co-writing sessions, her flashes of songwriting inspiration and her approach to turning music into an event.

CMT.com: For this record, did you write with people you had never met before?

Swift: I did. Writing with people I had never met before, walking into a studio to work with them, is something I am kind of used to, based on my experience writing in Nashville and co-writing with different people.

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