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Oct 21, 2012

Chicago Tribune & CMT Insider Interviews

‘Stakes are higher now’ for Taylor Swift on ‘Red’

Google the word “love” and you’ll get 8 billion results. Apparently it’s a popular subject. Taylor Swift has never needed a search engine to tell her this.

Since her major label debut at the age of 16, Swift has rocketed to stardom with songs that, quite literally, have gotten to the heart of the matter. Now 22, she releases her fourth studio album, “Red” (Big Machine) on Monday. The singer-songwriter ups the pop ante this time around by working with various co-writing and producing collaborators, including Max Martin, Dan Wilson and Shellback.

She is a pop music juggernaut at this point, breaking sales records and winning awards. But at the core of Taylor Swift is a fine songwriter, a young woman who puts her own life in the words of her songs.

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Taylor Swift’s Red: The CMT Insider Interview

Taylor Swift can’t describe her new album, Red, in just a few words.

“Every song sounds different from every other song, so you have a lot of country, you have a lot of pop, you have a lot of acoustic, you have a lot of really cool loops that these amazing producers have created,” she tells CMT Insider host Katie Cook.

“But, for me, this album was about making every song sound how it felt. And that was an interesting goal to achieve because it’s not as easy as ‘we need to put more fiddle on that. We need to make that bass more heavy.’ It’s really more about finding a feeling, so there are influences from every genre on this record,” she adds.

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