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Sep 24, 2012

“Begin Again” Is The Second Single

It was just announced that “Begin Again” is Taylor’s second single from “Red!” It will go out to radios on Monday, October 1st.

The song is now available to download in the US iTunes store. Click here to get your copy today!

9 Comments on ““Begin Again” Is The Second Single”

  1. This song is amazing! Ready to settle in for an hour and listen to this song on repeat! Definitely my new favorite off her new album!

  2. I love this song!
    reminds me of the old taylor, yet still mature. Love the slowness of this song, its really beautiful. I cant wait to hear this on my country station.
    I LOVE IT.
    I love Taylor <3

  3. This song is much better than Never Ever, hallelujah! Although, as a songwriter, i must say the bridge and a few parts in the verses are a little weak but the chorus is wonderful! This song reminds me of her debut song “Tim Mcgraw” which is the song that made me fall in love with Taylor. So glad!

  4. The song is easy to understand, except for this part:

    And we walk down the block to my car
    And I almost brought him up
    But you start to talk about the movies
    That your family watches every single Christmas
    And I won’t talk about that
    For the first time, what’s passed is past

    This part confuses me. What just happened here? She won’t talk about what her family watched every single Christmas? Thanks to anyone who helps clear this up for me!

  5. I think it’t saying that she won’t bring the old guy up now because he is talking about movie his family watches at Christmas…
    It confused me until I read it.

  6. waw amazing such a beautiful song this is what i want. i can’t stop listening this song how beautifully wrote thank you taylor for song and i love you my all time. keep writing ……….

    i love u taylor swift
    from india khadir khan

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