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Jun 20, 2012

“Both of Us” Behind the Scenes Video

Access Hollywood posted a video of Taylor on the set of the “Both of Us” music video today. Watch it below and look at some screen captures in the gallery. Don’t miss the June 27th premiere on MTV!

Taylor Swift and rapper B.o.B. had a rough day at the office when it came to shooting the music video for their new song, “Both of Us.”

The Nashville countryside, where the two chart-topping artists filmed the new video, was filled with quite a few creatures to contend with.

“There’s bugs on people, there are bugs crawling on people, there are bugs trying to bite people,” Taylor said in behind the scenes footage.

The set nearly became deadly at one point.

“At one point I looked over on B.o.B.‘s shoulder and there is this giant spider!” Taylor explained. “It looked like a bird! It was that big.

“It was just hanging out there ready to kill him and I saved his life pointing it out, I’ll point that out!” she continued.

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  1. Every single picture is so cute tank u…
    If I has to choose between loving u and breathing I would use my last breathing to say i love you” cuz u so lovely taylor.

    I lov u taylor swift
    Frm india khadir khan

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