“Safe & Sound”

Exciting news! Taylor is on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games with a new song entitled “Safe & Sound” that features the Civil Wars! It’s truly beautiful and makes us all the more excited for her next album with the different sound. Click on the cover art below to purchase the song on iTunes, and let us know what you think!

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  1. Listening to it right now (it’s actually on repeat) and I LOVE IT! Such a beautiful, deep song. Different from what Taylor’s done so far, but enchanting still.

  2. Safe and Sound is so beautiful!! It is so different from what Taylor has done before. I love that her music is growing and changing as she is getting older. As much as i love her old stuff, Dear John or Safe and Sound are so much more mature and skillfully written (in my personal opinion) than Tim McGraw or Stay Beautiful. I totally love the direction Taylor is going with her music and her songwriting. :) So happy with Safe and Sound! x0x0x0

  3. I agree, it’s absolutely different from songs Taylor has written and sung before. I’m still listening to “Safe and Sound” and still thinking – I’m not really sure of my feelings yet :)

  4. Just finished the series this afternoon, and then I heard this song and it helped with the pain that I finished one of the best series I ever read! This song is sooooo pretty, and I hope they play this when (Don’t want to spoil) a certain someone dies in the games. :’) happy tear

  5. OMG this song is amazing- and yes, I went out and bought the Hunger Games today (can’t wait to read!) WOW, definitely on repeat for a while…. haunting!

  6. I want to buy it but its not on the Australian ITunes or BigPond or anything. Arghh…so annoying that it doesnt get released on the same day worldwide

  7. Once again, Taylor amazes us. I love this song, I listen to it on repeat! I don’t necessarily think it means her next album is going to have a different sound though. I just think she was experimenting and doing something different for the movie. Plus, the sound of the song needed to fit with the genre of the movie and I think we can all say with confidence that she pulled it off flawlessly :)

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