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Dec 3, 2011

“Ours” Music Video!

The video for “Ours” is out! Click here to see it! It’s really cute! What do you guys think? Also, be sure to check out the behind the scenes video here!

14 Comments on ““Ours” Music Video!”

  1. I have a feeling that Taylor is back with John Mayer.
    Everyone kept saying she wanted Lautner back cos she had her hair straight like in BTD MV but no one seeing or willing to acknowledge that she could also did it for John.
    I means she kinda cheated on Lautner when they were dating by seeing John Mayer at the same time. If you google the time when she had her hair straight in 2009, she was actually seeing, having dinner with John and NOT Lautner. So in a way, she kinda mislead everyone into thinking that she’s with Lautner but she’s actually with John.
    What she’s doing right now is trying to recreate her time with him back in 2009 and this “Ours” MV is pretty much hinting that she’s back with him. Noticed that she’s also have straight hair in this MV? I guess John also like her hair straight but no one talk about it.
    I cannot believe no Swifties pick up this hints! And you call yourself a Swifties.

    And you know the real reason she and Lautner broke up not because they don’t have time for each other but because of John Mayer. Swift has never loved Lautner and was only using him to cover up her true motive., even now. I really began to feel sorry for Lautner. She has hurted him once and that wasn’t enough, she doing it again now.

    Another thing, her Speak Now album have at least 6 songs, which were written for John;
    Dear John, Story of Us, Ours, If This Was A Movie, Superman and Haunted.
    C’mon Swifties, don’t tell me no one noticed this?

  2. @Kate, OMG! I thought I was the only who noticed this. If you’re a Taylor fans, you should know that the song “ours” is written for John Mayer, unless you’re in denied about it. The MV definitely seemed like Taylor is hinting that she’s back with John Mayer at the end.
    I’m feeling really sad right now. I was hoping for a Taylorsquared reunion. Guess that’s never gonna happen now :(

  3. Kate, I think you may be reading into this a bit much. The straight, slighty frayed hair Swift is sporting in this video is more a stylistic decision to reinforce major themes of the video rather than a hint at who she is currently dating. It works with her lack of make-up, the white, dull coloring, and other elements to illustrate the video’s bland, mundane feel. Then when she’s on the bus, there’s slightly more vivid coloring, signifying that her life has been bland without him and when she sees him that color and vitality has been restored.

  4. I agree with Adam. To be honest, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I feel it is a little to far, even for a die hard swift fan, to start becoming match maker. I think this video is great, but I was a little dissapointed. I mean, I just wish she could have picked a single such as Speak Now, or Better than Revenge, those would have made AMAZING videos! I’m having Picture to Burn flashbacks ;) Haha <3 <3

  5. I LOVED this song ever since I first heard it… I had a feeling this would be a good single and music video!! and it turned out great! Love you Taylor!

  6. Yeah i dont really think this means shes back with john mayer. I do think the song is about their relationship but i think the video is just a good storyline. I think taylor is a little smarter than that. She knows john mayer is a bad guy… Everyone knows hes a jackass.

  7. What easter eggs or certain cool background elements did you guys find in the video? I’m sure everyone found these: Meredith! Cats on the computer, a smiley face made of pin on the board during the watercooler scene. The elevator stopped on the 13th floor.The bus said “Nashville”, and of course, a red-head has to be in the video (for Abigail) on the bus. Anything I missed?
    Was there any significance of the “Limitations” poster? Or the the number 206? the number 716? or the name Jones?

  8. the videos cute-but not overdone. I think Kate (or maybe im giving him/her too much credit) is being flippant. 2 things-1. obviously no one knows who and what situations Taylor writes any of her songs about-maybe we can guess some of them Dear John, etc but definately not 6 of them on Speak Now. 2. Taylor doesnt seem the type to straighten her hair for a guy. please. and im adding a 3. hurted is not a word. pft. :-)

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