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Sep 30, 2011

Speak Now Tour Book 2nd Edition Scans

We added scans from the second edition of the Speak Now tour book. It’s as amazing as the first edition, and it features even more pictures taken from the US leg of the tour. You can purchase a copy for $20 at Taylor’s concerts or at TaylorSwift.com. Click on the thumbnails if you would like to see the scans:

Special thanks to Sharmaine for shipping out a copy our way!

7 Comments on “Speak Now Tour Book 2nd Edition Scans”

  1. last time when i bought the first edition i got a coupon but it says until september 1 2011,but they are starting to sell it just now… :/

  2. On the Speak Now picture, there aren’t any lyrics written down her arm. Is that pic not from the U.S tour?

  3. Hi, i just visited ts.com, there’s only 1 Speak Now 2011 tour book. and that is the world tour one right? where/how did you get the 2nd edition of the sn tour book? cause by seeing those photos in the book, you knew its from the North America/Canada tours already.

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