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Aug 22, 2011

New Photo Blog!

Taylor went on a mini-vacation with her female band members, dancers, and aerialists last week and wrote a blog about it on Taylor Connect. It’s really funny and cute, so be sure to check it out! The best part is, it’s a photo blog! They’re all black & white, and very well taken so be sure take a look at them in the gallery! It’s so cool to see Taylor having fun, and even cooler that she’s letting us in on it like this. Not every celebrity does that!

The Charleston Photo Blog

Here are two things you may already/might not know about me. One is that I make lists. Lists of music I love, lists of life goals (I’ve done that since I was eight years old), lists of things I need to get done this week, and… Lists of places I’ve always dreamed of going. Thanks to you all and your wonderful niceness, I’ve gotten to see most of the places on my list on tour. We’ve been on the Speak Now Tour since February, and it occurred to me a few weeks ago that it would be so incredible to take a mini-vacation! I found a three day window in August and invited all the girls you see onstage (one fiddle player, one backup singer, two dancers, three aerialists) to go with me to one of the places on my list (this particular place was underlined, with stars drawn next to it, indicating that I reeeeally wanted to go there): Charleston, South Carolina.

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