Taylor Wishing Perez Hilton a Happy Birthday

Taylor filmed a small video for Perez Hilton wishing him a happy birthday along with a couple of few other celebrities and it was played on his Birthday Party on March 26th. Taylor was lovely and adorable as always! Watch the video below and skip to 2:13 for Taylor’s part.

4 Comments on “Taylor Wishing Perez Hilton a Happy Birthday”

  1. I know I shouldn’t care about who Taylor is friends with, but it kind of pisses me off he gets so much respect from her when he’s been helping leak her songs and even the entire album, iirc, posting them on his site. He also blows out all the gossip and stuff, I’m just surprised Taylor cares for him that much. Is that how I can get Taylor’s attention, by starting a gossip blog and spreading her songs before they are supposed to be out? -.-

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