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Feb 9, 2011

Speak Now World Tour has officially begun!

Today, Taylor officially kicked off her Speak Now world tour in Singapore!! We added over 51 photos to the gallery, click on the thumbnails to view them! Her costumes and the whole stage setup look amazing! A few videos of the concert are starting to pop up as well and you can check them out by clicking on the links below. Seeing all these photos and videos make us very excited! We can’t wait to see her perform for ourselves when she comes to each of us! If you were able to attended the concert then feel free to send in your photos. We will credit you as always! We hope the Singaporean fans had the time of their lives! They deserve it for all the support they’ve given to Taylor over the past few years!

1. “Sparks Fly”
2. “Mine”
3. “Back To December/Apologize”
4. “Better Than Revenge”
5. “The Story Of Us”
6. “Speak Now”
7. “Fearless/I’m Yours”
8. “Fifteen”
9. “You Belong With Me”
10. “Dear John”
11. “Enchanted”
12. “Long Live”
13. “Love Story”

16 Comments on “Speak Now World Tour has officially begun!”

  1. i’m just wondering what your email is. i was going to email you a pic of taylor, but can’t seem to find your email. the email link button isn’t working. (: let me know. thanks so much!

  2. Hey!
    i watched one of the videos from the Speak Now tour and it looks very plain to me :S i watched the love story one and on her Fearless tour she did more moves and acts for that song! and there is not many songs she sang at the concert :S
    do you think she will make it bigger when she comes to Canada? if anyone has the answers please reply back =D

  3. I think you guys need to realize that pretty much every artist’s setlist in a foreign country are cut shorter than the domestic shows. Not only set lists but as well as performance and stage set ups. One of the main reason being they can only bring so much internationally before the costs are too much for them to gain a set profit. They are just giving those fans a taste of their music. I’m 100% sure the American setlist will feature a lot more songs from all albums.

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