Taylor’s New CoverGirl Commercial!

TaylorSwift.com has premiered Taylor’s new CoverGirl commercial on their website a few minutes ago. You can watch it here below. She looks absolutely gorgeous<3 It totally beats her previous commercial! What do you guys think? :P

6 Comments on “Taylor’s New CoverGirl Commercial!”

  1. She looks amazing, but I think I like the first commercial better, because of the flow-y cloth. I was kinda confused- it said ” new lip perfection makes your lips more beautiful in 7 days”. What?

  2. i love her hair, i hate when she goes striaght her prettiest is when she’s rockin’ her natural curl…she looks so beautifull she has a unique face i love that she doesnt look like every girl…i dont love covergirl make-up but im glad that they picked her because shes a great role model and this will give her more exposure not that she needs it LOL :)….love taylor

  3. She looks amazing, but I’m not really a fan of the way it’s put together, she’s like freakishly staring through the screen even though it’s a bunch of split seconds it’s like her stare is peircing right through me. ANYWAYS… lol AMAZING. :p

  4. Oh and the few shots of her without the dark red lipstick are even more amazing. I’m a fan of that, rather than the dark red ;) I watched it again, I take it back, it’s not really the staring bothering me just the way it’s put together it’s so in your face and craziness going on.

    Nice job with the screencaps! :) Possible new avy/sig coming…

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