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Posted on
Dec 7, 2010

Late Show With David Letterman Concert Videos!

CBS.com has uploaded some videos of Tayor’s exclusive concert on the Late Show With David Letterman from the Ed Sullivan Theater a few weeks ago. Taylor performed “Back To December,” “Mine,” “You Belong With Me,” “Speak Now,” and “Love Story”. You can watch them here below! Enjoy!

Love Story
Back To December
You Belong With Me
Speak Now

4 Comments on “Late Show With David Letterman Concert Videos!”

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  2. WOW that was really amazing. her voice has strengthened and she sounded really great! not that i thought she wouldnt :)

  3. Love the performances!! Taylor sounded absolutely amazing. I love how she’s changing up the way she sings in certain parts of her songs…it’s refreshing. Taylor’s a true performer. It’s so natural to see her on stage….and when she’s interacting with the audience while singing love story, it was effortless.

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