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Nov 4, 2010

Taylor Sets New Billboard Hot 100 Record

Taylor has set a new record by having 11 songs from her new album “Speak Now” in the Billboard Hot 100 chart at the same time. She’s also the only female artist ever to have that many songs on the chart. Congrats to her and all the fans who bought the songs on iTunes!

Not only did news break that Taylor Swift’s Speak Now sold $1 million its first week of release; today she broke another record.

According to Entertainment Weekly the latest Billboard Hot 100 Chart features all 11 songs from Speak Now.

Taylor Swift is the only female artist to have that many songs on the chart at one time. American Idol winner David Cook has had 11 songs on the charts shortly after winning the title in 2008, and The Beatles have had 12 on the charts for two weeks in April 1964 and 14 later that month.

But what makes these artists feats different is the songs off The Beatles albums were from different projects, and Cook’s singles were individually released. Taylor Swift is the first artist to have that many charting singles from one single album.

What makes this achievement even more special is she is the only artist to reach this billboard success who wrote all the songs that top the list. David Cook didn’t write his Idol songs and some songs that were on the charts, The Beatles covered them so they weren’t their originals.


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  2. Just opened this website and I`m amazed. Thanks guys for doing all this for Taylor! I love her too.. Hope I can contribute some. Regards!

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