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Oct 28, 2010

Performing at JFK Airport

Taylor did a special performance Inside John F. Kennedy airport earlier today. We added 8 High Quality photos of her performing there. We can’t wait for the videos to come out! Be sure to take a look!


49 Comments on “Performing at JFK Airport”

  1. hi guys :) so this is my 1st time here, and this is an amazing site :) so i should probably tell you guys that i was never a fan of Taylor’s, i am a Carrie Underwood fan, i really enjoy the high note vocalist so i’m thinking maybe that’s why i never bothered with Taylor, anyway my point is, i wish i would have discovered her music along time ago, because i enjoy listening to her, for someone like me who suffers from anxiety daily, her voice is so melodic, sweet and she helps to relax me, i don’t understand why people say she can’t sing, because “SHE CAN” and she is a unique artist who can tell you a great story in a song, she is very skillfull in writing and she’s an even better person, the kind a girl who makes you feel like you can be best friends with and i like that about her. the song that touched me was “better then revenge” because i found my boyfriend cheating on me…and that song is exactly how i feel, after i heard that song the rest was history and i went to purchase all of her cd’s because since im a fan now, i thought i have a lot of catching up to do.

  2. i saw her on the today show she was signing autographs, holding her fans hands, and at one point she kissed their hand while she was performing, she has a real gift to connect with her fans and she is “genuine” i really see the love taylor has for her fans, and that is rare you dont see a lot of that these days, she is just a sweet good nice girl and she deserves the love, and acknowledgements…i hope i didnt offend any of you by saying i wasnt a fan, because i am now, and my only regret is that i wasnt one sooner!! :)

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