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Dec 4, 2014

Taylor on the cover of Billboard Magazine

Taylor is on the cover of the December 13th issue of Billboard magazine. Check out a few snippets from the interview at Billboard.com and view the stunning photos in the gallery. The issue is available starting on December 5th, so make sure you pick up a copy!

Billboard releases its annual Women in Music issue Friday, and for the second time, Taylor Swift is on the cover as Billboard’s Woman of the Year. It’s safe to say that’s a title she’s earned, considering she recently scored the best first-week sales for an album since 2002 — despite the predictions of industry insiders and even people on her own team.

In the interview (out in full Friday, Dec. 5), Swift reveals the behind-the-scenes battles she fought to keep country out of her unabashed pop album 1989, her feelings on the backlash to “Welcome to New York” and details on her relationships with her famous friends, including Lorde and Lena Dunham. Here’s five ways Swift writes her own rules.

When Billboard asked her about the criticism toward “Welcome to New York,” Swift felt no need to apologize. “When you write a song, you’re writing about a momentary emotion,” Swift says. “To take a song and try to apply it to every situation everyone is going through — economically, politically, in an entire metropolitan area — is asking a little much of a piece of a music.”

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