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  New Layout!

Welcome to the new fall version of TaySwift.com! This layout was once again created by our talented friend Eduardo in celebration of the “Wonderstruck” fragrance launch and the one year anniversary of the “Speak Now” album (which is today!). We hope you enjoy the new design as much as we do, and, if you happen to notice any errors, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

23 responses to “New Layout!”

  1. Jamie says:

    I love it!! Looks Great!

  2. Hannah says:

    The new layout is gorgeous! Great job guys!

  3. Hailey says:

    Love it! Its so so Taylor! <3

  4. Laura Harrison says:


    I bet Taylor herself would LOVE it too!!! =D

  5. Aimee says:

    I love the new layout. It’s so pretty <3

  6. Tess says:

    I can’t see it :(

  7. Gabriella says:

    The new layout is fantastic!!! I absolutely love it :) You did amazing job :):):)

  8. Callie says:

    I love it!!

  9. becky says:

    Such a pretty layout! :)

  10. Samantha Dekker says:

    Mine hasn’t changed??

  11. REGIS says:


  12. Care says:

    Amazing! The best yet!!

  13. Sami says:

    I can’t see it :( :(

  14. Sami says:

    oh! just got it! its gorgeous!

  15. Nurain says:

    beautiful! i love it! great job guys!

  16. Tess says:

    Why I can’t see it???

  17. Astrid says:

    I love it! Awesome that you included more banners to places to vote for her :-) They’re important! This looks great :-D

  18. Tess says:

    I can see it now :O :D:D Amazing!!! Great job ;)

  19. marieke says:

    it’s so pretty!

  20. Courtney says:

    LOVE the layout, it’s so beautiful =)

  21. Inês says:

    The new layout put tears on my eyes! Love it! :’)

  22. pilgrim_sd says:

    Hey guys! I’ve registered, yet I still can’t see it? Am I doing something wrong? I’m logged in and everything.. I use Safari on my MacBook Pro…

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