August / 01 / 2019

Today is the 12th anniversary of our site! We have enjoyed all the moments we’ve gotten to share with all of you! We can’t even begin to explain how much…

August / 01 / 2017

Today, Taylor Swift Web is celebrating its 10-year anniversary! We appreciate and thank each of our visitors for their continuous support over the last decade. Without every one of you,…

August / 01 / 2016

Today we are celebrating our TaySwiftDotCom nine-year anniversary! To all of our loyal visitors – thank you for your support! You are the reason we continue to work hard on…

August / 01 / 2015

We are celebrating our site’s eighth year anniversary today! Thank you all for the support you’ve given us throughout the years. Here’s to many more!

October / 27 / 2014

Welcome to the new Taylor Swift Web! In honor of the 1989 release week, we now have a brand new layout to celebrate! A huge thanks goes out to Archie…

August / 01 / 2014

Another year has come and gone, meaning that our site is now seven years old! The site wouldn’t be what it still is today without quite a few people: first…

December / 30 / 2013

After months of waiting, we finally have a new gallery layout! It features photos from the gorgeous Glamour UK photoshoot and was designed by Archie. Many thanks to him for…

November / 20 / 2013

As you have probably noticed, our site has went back to the previous layout and was unavailable during the past day. This is due to us changing servers, and the…

October / 28 / 2013

Welcome to the new Taylor Swift Web! After weeks of working on the site, we’re finally revamped with even more goodies than before. First off, a huge thank you goes…

September / 17 / 2013

As you probably noticed, our sites were down starting early Saturday morning. We had an issue with our host, but we are now back in full force! We are very…