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Jan 31, 2020

Taylor Releases New Song “Only The Young” Featured in “Miss Americana”

Taylor’s newest song, “Only The Young,” is out now! The song is featured in the credits of Miss Americana and talks about the world that young people live in today. The lyrics are powerful and we’re so proud of Taylor for putting out this song!

As if a brand new Netflix documentary isn’t enough for Taylor Swift fans, the pop star also dropped a brand new song on Friday, “Only the Young.” The song, which plays over the credits of her new film, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, is, in Swift’s own words from the documentary, a message to young voters: “Don’t lose hope.”

Swift was inspired to write the song after she campaigned for Democratic Senatorial candidate Phil Bredesen, and strongly against Republican Marsha Blackburn in her home state of Tennessee, in the 2018 midterm elections. After her public Instagram endorsement, there was a significant upswing in voter registration among young people. But Blackburn still won the election, and Swift was crushed.

“I can’t believe that she gets to be the first female senator in Tennessee and she’s Trump in a wig,” Swift says through tears, clearly heartbroken. Swift did what she does best when heartbroken, and turned her feelings into a song.

“The first verse, I want to be all about hearing the news,” Swift says to her producers in the film, while explaining her idea for the new song. “If you were a kid who loved Beto [O’rourke] and thought that was the future of Texas, or you really thought Stacey Abrams was gonna win, and you went door-to-door trying to make it happen, and then she still gets beat.”

Swift is clearly thinking about the millions of young people who will listen to the song, soon to be eligible to vote in the 2020 presidential election, and all future elections.

“It’s basically saying resist,” Swift says in the film. “If you can just shift the power in your direction by being bold enough, then it won’t be like this forever.”

Here are a few key lyrics from the song: “The game was rigged / The ref got tricked / The wrong ones think they’re right / We were outnumbered / This time.”

Whew. I don’t know you about, Swifties, but I’m getting emotional over here. This is the exactly the political pop anthem that 2020 needed.

“Only the Young” can be heard over the credits of Miss Americana on Netflix or is available to stream on SpotifyApple Music, or wherever you stream music.


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