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Aug 22, 2019

Taylor Drops ‘Lover’ Music Video + Lover’s Lounge Livestream

Before Lover’s worldwide release, Taylor held a Lover’s Lounge. She discussed the deluxe journals, the collaboration with Stella McCartney and performed The Archer! She also premiered the Lover music video after the livestream. If you missed them, the videos are below and screen captures are in the gallery!

Taylor Swift just finished up a 30-minute livestream on her YouTube channel by premiering the video for “Lover,” the title track from her new album dropping tonight.

During the livestream — which aired in front of a live audience from the “Lover’s Lounge,” Swift’s “secret lair” near her popup in New York City — she read excerpts from her old diaries, some of which will be reprinted with the deluxe edition of Lover. “Metaphorically I’ve been sharing my diary entries with you for years,” she told the audience, “so I figured why not just do it for real, just take the symbolism out of it?” She also took a few questions from viewers and welcomed a special guest: Stella McCartney, who teamed with Swift to design a new fashion line. (What, you were hoping for Jack Antonoff? Katy Perry? Karlie Kloss?) This of course led into some product placement for Swift and McCartney’s merch, but really the entire broadcast was a monument to Swift’s mastery of personal branding. The last thing we saw before the video was a live performance of recent teaser track “The Archer.”

As for the “Lover” video, it’s directed by Swift and Drew Kirsch, who also co-directed Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down” video. In keeping with the song’s swooning sentimentality, this one is not nearly so campy. It costars Christian Owens, an actor and dancer who has been part of Swift’s stage show for years.

Watch it below, where you can also find the archived livestream.


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