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Jan 14, 2015

Taylor Gives Fan $1,989 Check for Student Loans

Not all of Taylor Swift’s friends stand next to her at the Grammys! The pop star, 25, has cultivated a rich network of devoted fans and pals on tumblr, where she frequently responds to fan videos and posts.

One such friend is Rebekah Bortniker, whose profile, thatcheshirecatsmile, is a virtual shrine to Swift, her cats, and her style. It all started when Bortniker posted a video of the former country star and her celebrity pals to the theme song of Friends. To repay her follower, Swift sent Bortniker a giant box of personalized presents. The devoted tumblr blogger posted a video of her opening up the gifts, as well as photos of each individual item. First she opened Swift’s handwritten card, dated Sunday, Jan. 11.

“Hi you. I was thinking about you today, and how you have been there cheering me on in the most thoughtful and creative ways,” Swift wrote. “I love the video you made of me and my friends, and your text posts always crack me up or make me think. I got out my paints for the first time in a while today and made you something I really really really really hope you like it. I’m not a good painter but I think you’re so beautiful and positive, even though you’re dealing with the stress life brings, so I wanted to make you something.”

Bortniker, who goes by Beks, then opened a polaroid of Swift painting, the actual artwork she made for her, a necklace of Swift’s with the tag “Was mine, now yours,” and most moving of all, a check for $1,989. The tag for the check read, “Rebekah, now you’re $1989 closer to paying off those student loans.” An emotional Bortniker openly cried as her mom filmed the touching reaction. Watch the clip now to see Rebekah open the rest of her presents!


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