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Oct 26, 2014

The Sunday Times UK Interview + Scans

Taylor is on the cover of The Sunday Times’ Culture supplement. Thanks to our forum member RFK we have added the scans in our gallery. You can read the full interview and see the scans in our gallery below!

She’s a savvy, goofy, multitalented pop star with good manners, a way with words and a tendency to write back — full of empathy — to fans who cry on her shoulder online. Who invites some of those fans over to her house for cookies, selfies and an album playback (the recent, gone-viral Secret Sessions). And who names her cats — which have their own Twitter accounts, for God’s sake — after characters in Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order. Boring, right? We want scuttlebutt rumours, diva strops and post-watershed videos. Narcotics and naughtiness. Anything but nice. Because where does nice get you?

Quite far, as it happens. Taylor Swift is nice, in the same way that one of her best friends, Ed Sheeran, is nice. Like Sheeran, she writes diaristic songs that go over the heads of purse-lipped taste-makers and communicate directly with her disciples — songs, and albums, that have a habit of going to No 1 all around the world and staying there for a good while. This maddens some people. But it gladdens plenty more. Anyway, who’d be a Swift detractor these days? It’s just not worth it, not worth the aggro or the sheer predictable obviousness of being a sceptic — never mind the risk you run of being on the receiving end of The Look (smiling mouth and eyes, but a brain that is whirring almost audibly behind them).

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