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Jan 9, 2014

2014 CMC Music Awards Nominations

Taylor has been nominated for International Artist of the Year and International Video of the Year for “Highway Don’t Care” at Australia’s CMC Music Awards!  The winners are chosen by the fans, so head over to the CMC website to cast your votes now!

5 Comments on “2014 CMC Music Awards Nominations”

  1. hmmm i think and hope taylor swift should win both catogries all the bst hope u r going to win atleast on of them

  2. hi taylor swift i hope you win the cmc award and i want to give it to you because you are so good at stuff and doing concerts for your fans and you will get it soon and you will get the award for entertainer of the year and we want to congradulate you on getting the award soon and we want to come and see you win it soon and you deserve to win it so we can watch a video of you winning the cmc award so keep up the good work and keep on winning awards and win them everyday and keep on getting them.

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