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Jul 17, 2013

2013 MTV Video Music Awards Nominations

I Knew You Were Trouble has been nominated for a 2013 MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year! It was also announced that I Knew You Were Trouble is also up for Best Female Video. Make sure to start voting now all the way up to August 24th on MTV.com! The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards will take place on August 25th live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York!

4 Comments on “2013 MTV Video Music Awards Nominations”

  1. (Just so you know that’s not my email)…
    I know that Taylor Swift isn’t actually going to read this but i’m still going to pour my heart into this. If anyone can pass this onto Taylor, please do!
    Here we go:

    Taylor, I have loved you forever but i recently started freaking about you. Sarah, my best friend, knows that i’m pretty much a freak but when it comes to you i’m more than a freak. All of your lyrics are always in my head and everything you do is so perfect or funny or amazing! even though i have brown hair to the floor (; hehe see what i did there? I live in Wisconsin and when you came to Summerfest a couple years ago i was too young and stupid to realize you! And please ignore this but my best friend (Sarah) annoys the heck out of me and you’re my escape.

    I’m only 12 but i love you and i love Ed until you don’t love him anymore. I want to be your best friend and i want my other best friend Emma (who live a while away in Oak Creek) to visit you and Merideth with me everyday. your variety of songs help me in different moments.

    I LOVE YOU! please please please please come and find me. i am located near Hartland South Elementary.

  2. Taylor:
    Congrats on winning I knew you were trouble! This might be personal, but you wrote I knew you were trouble because of harry styles, right? i’m not a big fan, but their songs are ok. I heard on youtube that you also said you know what when he got a prize, I don’t blame you for having a broken heart but (no offense) forgive and forget!

  3. I still love you a lot! Your song mean helped me a lot.

    PS Taylor Swift Web, is there any way you can pass Taylor our desperate messages? If not is there a available email we can use? thx a lot!

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