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May 25, 2012

Arriving At Joan’s On Third

Taylor was spotted arriving at Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles, California yesterday. We’ve added the candids to the gallery, so be sure to check them out!

7 Comments on “Arriving At Joan’s On Third”

  1. Taylor, I’m not trying to upset you or cause you pain! I have no idea why you would ride unicorns, fly parachutes and make cartoons, while it sounds fun, does nothing for us! Nobody will ever know why you made that commercial! No guitar, a complete nightmare working with your brother and absolutely no good memories! I just wish you would let it go so I can move on! OMT, if I can give you a bit of advice. Don’t judge someone for going to a strip bar while your out ‘riding’ unicorns. I think I know how to go to one, act the right way without spending more money than is necessary!

  2. Your face paint does look nice, notwithstanding. Maybe when you realize this music thing doesn’t get all the way there, you can take a shot at painting! I’m not sure maybe your friend did that though! Curious, any interesting carnivals or boardwalks around there! Maybe you and your friends can open up a stand and see what happens

  3. i’m khan i beg those people who hurting taylor by commenting unwanted, such people plz plz don’t use this side for the god sake and a girl to whom i lov most in this world is taylor plz dont hurt her by any thing, it is easy to say any thing from right u’r home bla bla bla. Just try to stay away frm this side. thank you guys…….
    this is for u taylor u gorgeous u look so beautiful beautiful always
    Never ask y I love u,
    just accept that I do,
    & that for the rest of my life!

    i lov u taylor swift
    frm india khadir khan

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