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Jan 26, 2012

HQ Sugar Magazine Photoshoots

We replaced 26 MQ outtakes from Taylor’s 2009 Derrick Santini photoshoots for Sugar magazine with HQ versions. Click here and here to check them out in the gallery. These weren’t easy to get, so please don’t remove the tags if you want to post them on your website, but feel free to edit them for graphics. Enjoy!

EDIT: We also updated the gallery with new candids of Taylor leaving her hotel in London today. Check them out here!

3 Comments on “HQ Sugar Magazine Photoshoots”

  1. Thanks guys! I love this shoot, and was waiting for HQ’s! :) How cool is it that Tay went to dinner with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow?!!! Awesome!

  2. OMG SHE is like angle looking in above pics she is awesome all the time thank u taylor being so beautiful
    i lov u taylor swift
    frm india khadir khan

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