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Nov 30, 2011

Grammy Nominations!

The Grammy Nominations are out! Taylor’s nominated for Best Country Solo Performance for “Mean,” Best Country Song for “Mean,” and Best Country Album. Congrats, Taylor! Click here to see the full list of nominees!

8 Comments on “Grammy Nominations!”

  1. How on earth did she not get album of the year? Are you kidding me? Maybe the grammys got tired of her, but they shouldn’t go by that. That was one of the best albums of the year. She wrote everything song, doesn’t that count for anything now days? I now its not all about sales, but she had that as well. She had such deep songs too, Back to December , Dear John, I mean come on!

  2. I honestly thought Taylor would get nominated for album of the year!! I’m so disappointed, she deserves it so much! Speak Now is a truly amazing album, not to mention its depth and the fact that she wrote every single lyric to every single song. I’m so proud of her 3 nominations, but she definitely deserves to be up for Album of the Year as well!

  3. how taylor hav not nominated for artist of the year >> it look like big prank ….
    i can’t belive that ?
    any she won all this three award’s but it’s so sad that she not nominated for album of the year….
    i lov u taylor ………../////////////////,,,,,,,,,,,11111111144444444444444333333333333333

  4. It does not make sense to me because you have the best songs to me and probably everyone els even if they did not vote.

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