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Nov 3, 2011

Photoshoot Outtakes + New Music Video

We added more outtakes from Taylor’s 2010 photoshoot for the UK magazine The Independent to the gallery. She looks gorgeous in every shot, so check them out!

Taylor also tweeted on Twitter to let us know that she has filmed a new music video:

@taylorswift13: About to wrap day 2 of a new music video that I can’t WAIT for you to see!! While we wait, shall we all vote for the AMA’s? :)

Which song do you hope or think the video will be for?

20 Comments on “Photoshoot Outtakes + New Music Video”

  1. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope it’s for Enchanted! I love that song to death!!!! The song NEEDS a music video!

  2. The Wonderstruck commercial looked stunning, so I hope she stretches it out a bit into a full-blown music video. I was also not very satisfied with the Sparks Fly music video. It was my favorite song, but it ended up being a semi-commercial for the tour, so it’d be awesome if she does a real music video for it!

  3. I really hope it’s a new song we never heard before!!! From her new record!! And if not I really wish it’s enchanted or long live!! (I’m very happy, I’m from Holland and just found out speak now world tour dvd/cd will be released in Holland on the 21st, I was afraid it wouldn’t come out in Holland so my day was made when I read of the new music video and that I can by speak now world tour dvd/cd!!!!!!!!)

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