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Oct 30, 2011

Lexington, Kentucky Concert

Taylor took her Speak Now tour to Lexington, Kentucky last night. Visit our gallery to view pictures from the show and head over to our forum for videos of the songs. She sang “Never Grow Up” for the first time!

4 Comments on “Lexington, Kentucky Concert”

  1. Hi Taylor,

    I am a Nana and very blessed to have 2 twin girls Faith and Hope. We were there at Lexington on 10/29 and would like to say “THANK YOU” for coming to Lexington so we could be with you. You are such a blessing and inspiration to us.
    Your father came by and gave me a hand full of guitar picks and I told him I would pass them out and I did. I am not for sure if you read this but, please tell your father thank you. We went to the first one there at Lexington was good and this one 10/29 was GREAT. You do a good concert and I am proud to take my girls to your concert. Today is halloween and Faith wants to be Taylor. Thank you Taylor for being such a wonderful role model for my girls. We are praying for your voice. Hope said Nana she has a lot of dates left and we need to pray for her. Praying that your voice will stay strong. God bless you and family and group. Again thanks
    Love & Prayers
    Clara Roark

  2. This performance was so awesome. When she sang Never Grow Up I cried. I love that song and all of her other ones too. This tour was by far the best that I have ever seen. Kudo to Taylor, the band, dancer, stage people, and everyone that was involved. I LOVED IT!!!! Taylor is in my prayers that she takes care of that beautiful voice of her’s. I love her and even yelled it at the show and she said it back… sooo COOL!

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