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Sep 16, 2011

The Tennessean Q&A

Taylor recently did an interview with Dave Paulson from The Tennessean. In it, she talks about being on the road, her surprise guest performances, rapping on stage, putting the Speak Now tour together, and more. You can read an excerpt of it below and the whole thing here!

You first previewed this show back in May, and you’ve been out on the road ever since. Has it felt like long time for you?

“With this tour, it doesn’t feel like we’ve been out for a long time, because It’s just such a mind challenge to put on that show. I feel like there are 50 million things to remember over the course of those two hours, and when you get them right, you’re so proud of yourself, and so at the end of every show, I just feel so happy and the good kind of exhausted and the right kind of challenged. It’s been so fun to put on this show, because I’m never bored. There’s always something new we’re throwing into the show. I’m always covering some new song. We’re always having some special guest come out and perform, and it’s been such an amazing tour, just because of the spontaneous nature of it.”

With a lot of these dates – like the four-show stint in L.A. – you’re staying in one place for more than one night. Do you enjoy settling in?

“Well, the thing about playing multiple nights – we’ve been having a lot of times when we’ve played three shows or two or four shows in a city – I really like that. It’s nice for the crew to get to relax and go home after the show instead of having to load out and pack up for a different city, and I sleep better when I’m not on a bus, so it’s nice to stay in a city for a little while. It also shows a lot of dedication when a city has created four sold-out shows for us. It means a lot.”

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