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Sep 1, 2011

YouTube Presents Taylor Swift Q&A Video

Taylor stopped by the Google office in Mountain View, California today to do her Q&A session for YouTube. She answered lots of questions, from her unreleased songs to her favorite song to perform live. It’s one of the best interviews she’s done in a while, and it’s long (42 minutes!) so be sure to check it out below!

5 Comments on “YouTube Presents Taylor Swift Q&A Video”

  1. Hi all. I LOVE this interveiw. Thankyou for posting it here.

    I first watched it just now on Youtube. Thankyou for putting it up here too. =D

  2. @ Jen : I love her hair. And I like that she embraces her natural curls.

    The interview was awsome. I like that she came up with some answers that I haven`t heard before. I also liked the question about beauty, and what it meant for her. Sincerity is important. You can also see that she is more grown up, but still being the genuin and sweet girl that she is.

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