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Jul 6, 2011

Update On Taylor’s Health

Taylor’s management just posted on FaceBook to let everyone know that Taylor has bronchitis and is recovering. Her doctor has told her that it wouldn’t be in her best interest to perform this week, so her shows in Charlotte and Atlanta have been rescheduled for November 16, October 1 and 2. Bronchitis isn’t fun for anyone, and we know she’s disappointed. We hope that she gets well soon and makes a full recovery as expected! Tweet her your get-well wishes!

Just wanted to update you guys on Taylor’s health. She has bronchitis and although she is getting better, she has been advised by her doctor that she is not well enough to perform this week. Her concert dates in Charlotte and Atlanta have been rescheduled and she plans to resume the Speak Now tour in Montreal. Charlotte will now be November 16. Atlanta will now be October 1 & 2. Thank you for your concern!

Also, we added the single cover for “Sparks Fly” to the gallery, which hits the radio stations on July 18, along with more pictures from Taylor’s appearance on The Tonight With Jay Leno on April 5. Check them all out!

3 Comments on “Update On Taylor’s Health”

  1. Aww poor Tay!! Hope she gets better soon. Also a big hug to all those in Charlotte and Atlanta who were planning on seeing her, it must be a big bummer..
    But nice single cover, pity tho that it wasn’t from her photoshoot..

  2. If I could talk to Taylor I would tell her to just relax, drink plenty of water and eat some chicken soup.
    Take care of yourself.

  3. I hope she feels better and by the montreal concert because I’m going and have a hotel and huge plans.:( surprise and everything. Hope she’s better and nothing gets ruined.:(

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