K-Frog & WKLB Radio Interviews

We uploaded two more interviews of Taylor to our SoundCloud account. She called in with K-Frog and WKLB to talk about her song “Mean,” the Speak Now tour, the CMT Music Awards, and playing at the Gilette Stadium this weekend. Listen to the interviews below:

In the meantime, don’t forget to vote for “Mean” and “The Story Of Us” at the GAC, VH1, and CMT Top 20 Countdowns. You can vote by clicking on the banners on the left side of this website!

5 Comments on “K-Frog & WKLB Radio Interviews”

  1. That ending was so awkward for the first interview. Oh gosh, I agree with Jasmine I was feeling awkward just hearing it. Oh gosh…

  2. Uhm I kinda forget…which of the recent interviews did the interviewer ask Taylor when she slept and then Taylor was like “…I sleep at night. That’s a good question though.” hahaha

  3. the ending of the first interview was honestly one of the most awkward and uncomfortable moments ever. taylor’s so nice and tried so hard to be gracious about it

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