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Apr 11, 2011

Q Magazine Photoshoot Outtake

We added another new photoshoot picture to the gallery. This time from Taylor’s 2009 photoshoot with Austin Hargrave for Q magazine. Make sure to click on the banner to view the full sized picture. We love the cowboy boots and black dress that Taylor is wearing.

8 Comments on “Q Magazine Photoshoot Outtake”

  1. I love taylor the person more then her music but because its taylor i love her music..make sense? Lol …she is so classy and respectful girl her morals and values are and should be admired. i love her article about not taking off her clothes..wonderful girl she is one of a kind and i hope shes around for a very very long time! God bless her shes a sweet kind and good spirited girl im rooting for her always!

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