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Mar 2, 2011

Taylor’s Messages for Belgian and Dutch Fans!

Taylor also taped a two messages for her Belgian and Dutch fans. She tried to speak Dutch by saying “Hallo iedereen!” which means “Hi everyone!”. It’s adorable! You can still buy tickets for both concerts at Sherpa.be or Eventim.nl. Only 4 days until she kicks off the European leg of the tour! Are you guys getting excited?!

5 Comments on “Taylor’s Messages for Belgian and Dutch Fans!”

  1. Belgian fans are tryin’ to do sthg special for Taylor. PPL who are in Brussels concert can bring a white ballon with the nummer 13 written on it. When the song “Mine” comes” out, everyone must “raise” the ballon in the air. the goal is to see the 13 so make sure the ballon is white!!!!
    You can bring extra ballon for other!!!! Thanks

  2. Only 9 days and she is in Germany I see here in Oberhausen.
    holy shit I’m so excited,then she gives me the best birthday gift

  3. Still 2 days to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to see her !!!!!! Finally she comes to belgium !!!!! :)

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