“Back To December” Music Video!!!

GUYS! Taylor’s “Back To December” music video is OUT! Be sure to watch it here below! It’s A-MA-ZING! We absolutely love it! It’s very different than something Taylor has done before, yet it’s still all Taylor with snow falling indoors and her writing the song to him as a letter (something she also did in “Tim Mcgraw”!). It doesn’t have a real storyline, unlike her other videos, but it focuses on emotion to capture the song, and it worked out beautifully! This video, like the song, was a first for her not only in this way but in the fact that it was her first time working with Yoann! He did an amazing job! Taylor looks so pretty (love the haircut btw!) and mature in this music video. The love interest isn’t a big-screen actor, but he was still perfect for the role (and quite adorable!). Overall it’s an A+! It was well worth the wait!! Enjoy the video and be sure to let us know what you think!!


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  1. I had a really diferent image of the video..this looks like a from some movie and it s kind a boring…a don´t know what to say..but the snow and the letter are good ideas…sorry…:-/

  2. I like it… but… but I’m sorry…. I think it’s a little bit boring…

    But I love the song, and you Taylor too.! :)

  3. Beautiful shot…
    Everyone on the internet is telling it’s a boring video, but it shows a lot more than her other videos. I would hate to see another love story or you belong with me. She’s growing up, deal with it! (At least she’s telling a story instead of dancing around without clothes)

  4. I love taylor’s new video she has the most amazing videos ever!! people need to stop saying its boring. I love it the video is amazing A+ the best video ever

  5. I absolutely love it <3. It's not boring at all! Sure there isn't that much happening as we're used to from Taylor, but it has so much emotion and it brings the lyrics so much closer.

    Well anyway I think it's amazing <3

  6. casey – people don’t need to stop saying it’s boring, because it’s an opinion we’re all allowed to have one right? no one is being disrespectful towards taylor, so please stop being defensive :) everyone loves taylor that comes to this site and sometimes not everyone is going to love everything she does,and thats ok. with that being said, i think Taylor looks beautifull as always but i miss her curly hair! she does come across more grown up in this video and i think they were trying to capture the emotion in the song, so i understand the direction they were going but i must agree with what people are saying, it’s to boring to depressing, and too much of that isnt always good i’m not saying she needs to jump around either because that would take from the song, but i was expecting better to be honest. they could have showed them doing things together out and about and then she was in her room reminiscing they could have done so much with this video then what they did, because this is a beautifull song, we’ve all or most of us have been heartbroken, i just wasn’t feeling this video,not one of my favorite videos. i’m ready for the next!..hopefully “long live” will be next because im in love with that song :) and i hope they do a better job! :)

  7. I don’t know what people were expecting, pretty much why I’m ready for the next single. I knew this was going to be a video like this, it’s a sad, slow video, for a sad, slow song. Anyone who thought the song is “boring” probably thinks the same for the video. Look, it’s not a party song you’ll be jumping up and down to anywhere, so it’s not going to have an exciting video like that. It stayed true to the song, and I don’t see how people can think it would’ve turned out differently. The reason I’d like to see something else though is because I want to see Taylor as she really is, not this depressed emo type person. Ready for the next single! :)

    Great video btw.

    I can’t imagine any other ‘Back To December’ video right now… Like you said before it’s emotional, and I think it has been the perfect choice for the song

    P.D:And of course… I love the boy :P

  9. LOVED IT!!!!!!! It’s very emotional & Has a gr8 storyline =D I think it’s the best so far & very beautiful<3333 it's just amazing!!!!! She looks absolutely gorgeous (love the haircut, too!!!) & Co-star is pretty cute too^_^

  10. i love the song hate the video. i wasn’t expecting excitement and obviously we know this isn’t a party song, thanks for clarifying that lol…but this video makes you want to jump off a cliff!…the director should be canned for future videos, not good, not good, and not good!!….”oh my God makes you wanna scream, and not in a good way!!!”

    i’ve seen videos by miranda lambert etc, she has sad songs and sad videos and it’s nothing like this, in miranda’s she gives you the idea that she’s going thru a hard time without it being overly dramatic and her acting is beautifully done, and her songs are’nt about losing a lover, there deep yet her directors really captured that without being more dramatic then necessary…taylor’s “back to december” is to sad like someone died sad, this is over the top, and not in a good way, not taylor’s fault, it’s the director who sucks.

    i love taylor’s music and lyrics and all her videos, except this one and i was really excited to see it unfortunately i didnt like it..she should stick to roman white, he does wonderfull work, he’s worked with wonderful artists, he’s done carrie’s “just a dream” and talk about sad, losing a loved one is never easy, but the video was perfect with a lot of feeling yet it wasnt boring…i hope taylor uses him again. sometimes change is not a good thing. love taylor hate the director.

    i know some people cant handle criticism and will bash me for my opinion, but I DONT CARE, i’m not goin to praise taylor’s video if i dont like it,and just because i love her doesnt mean i have to love it…in my opinion the video was weak, so if people have a problem with my opinion..” sounds like it’s your problem not mine”…

    i hope the next video will be worth the watching…i’m glad there are a few who liked the video at least some people are digging it!

  11. Didn’t like it. Look, I’m a really big Taylor fan, but it really is a bore. I sincerely hope she debuts another video within a month or two because this one isn’t going to win any awards (and rightfully so). I mean the hair is beautiful, the scenery is great (especially the snow), but it could’ve been done SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I mean come on…we’re getting 5 minutes of her standing while crying, sitting while crying, laying down while crying, writing while crying, holding her hair while crying, and holding snow while crying. Oh and another guy is walking…while she cries. All that could’ve been done in two minutes. I hope she learns to stick with country directors. Her friendship with Katy Perry led her to choose this pop director and I’m severely disappointed…I mean come on…he’s not even American.

  12. “Video’s prettty good. Only thing I didn’t like was her in the bathtub, seemed really random.”
    They put that bathtub part in because she was reflecting upon what she had lost, and (I don’t have a bathtub so I wouldn’t know) I guess that’s what some people do while they bathe- reflect, think, relax. It’d make sense.

  13. I think it’s an absolutely beautiful video. I like it even more than MINE. It really shows taylor’s maturity and somehow makes the viewers think as the video does not simply take on the literal meanings in the song. Love it!

  14. I am 75/25 on this one. 75% LOVE IT. Its such a different side of taylor, but that is what the song was – her apologising, which is different. I thought for a couple of moments there that she’d have a flashback to him in the passenger seat, hands entwined, him holding her, but whats done is done, i still love it – the colours were more real, the bathtub was a cool idea and the snow in the house – epic :) has she dyed her hair? the brown looks too dark to be real. If so, I am WAY behind :) but congratulations Taylor, looking forward to seeing stills/bts vids as well. xo p.s. the director doesn’t have to be American, stop being so nationally discriminative :b

  15. i was disapointed.
    i mean couldnt they have worked the song more first of all…
    god could ye have LEAST got a TANNED ACTOR…? She talks about tanned skin and it flicks to a guy with white skin…
    work the rose…?
    when the cold came and the snow starts falling on her window…they could of had a dead rose sitting on the window…well one dying anyhow….
    i think the song was so amazing and it was meant to be a storyline video….i have to say this should be classified as sit and sing..:/….well i expected more.
    it was one of my favourite songs EVER.
    And i thought it would be one of my favorite videos…
    honestly…im not even sure it was worth the wait..:(
    i still love taylor but….very disappointed.

  16. forgot to add, perhaps some flashbacks or something? i’m not really seeing the connections between taylor and the guy in the video..
    then again, she probably wanted to avoid the flashbacks because this is based on a real relationship..

  17. Ya, a flashback would’ve been nice, but over all it was great for what they were aiming for. But I really didn’t get where that dude was walking to, and it didn’t seem that the actor had to work too hard, because all he did was look cold, and that’s not too hard when it’s snowing. But if his specialty was looking cold, he should’ve been in a video for ‘Cold As You’.

  18. Very-very good! I loved all those little detail shots. The set, the snow, the bike, Taylor’s look, everything. Perfect! A+++ ;)

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