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Jan 13, 2011

“Back To December” Music Video!!!

GUYS! Taylor’s “Back To December” music video is OUT! Be sure to watch it here below! It’s A-MA-ZING! We absolutely love it! It’s very different than something Taylor has done before, yet it’s still all Taylor with snow falling indoors and her writing the song to him as a letter (something she also did in “Tim Mcgraw”!). It doesn’t have a real storyline, unlike her other videos, but it focuses on emotion to capture the song, and it worked out beautifully! This video, like the song, was a first for her not only in this way but in the fact that it was her first time working with Yoann! He did an amazing job! Taylor looks so pretty (love the haircut btw!) and mature in this music video. The love interest isn’t a big-screen actor, but he was still perfect for the role (and quite adorable!). Overall it’s an A+! It was well worth the wait!! Enjoy the video and be sure to let us know what you think!!


31 Comments on ““Back To December” Music Video!!!”

  1. I had a really diferent image of the video..this looks like a from some movie and it s kind a boring…a don´t know what to say..but the snow and the letter are good ideas…sorry…:-/

  2. I like it… but… but I’m sorry…. I think it’s a little bit boring…

    But I love the song, and you Taylor too.! :)

  3. Beautiful shot…
    Everyone on the internet is telling it’s a boring video, but it shows a lot more than her other videos. I would hate to see another love story or you belong with me. She’s growing up, deal with it! (At least she’s telling a story instead of dancing around without clothes)

  4. I love taylor’s new video she has the most amazing videos ever!! people need to stop saying its boring. I love it the video is amazing A+ the best video ever

  5. I absolutely love it <3. It's not boring at all! Sure there isn't that much happening as we're used to from Taylor, but it has so much emotion and it brings the lyrics so much closer.

    Well anyway I think it's amazing <3

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