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Nov 6, 2010

Daily Mail Article + Photoshoot!

The Daily Mail put up a new article about Taylor on their website. It’s pretty long but very interesting​, so be sure to read it. They also included a brand new photoshoot of Taylor which was taken by photographe​r Joseph Anthony Baker, who also took pictures for her “Fearless” and “Speak Now” album booklets. She looks insanely gorgeous in these shots, so click on the thumbnails below to view them in the gallery!

Precocious musical talent, model good looks, multimillionaire status – 20-year-old country-pop star Taylor Swift leads a charmed life. But, as she tells Louette Harding, it’s the rejection and heartbreak she pours into her songs that have driven her to succeed…

Earlier this year, Taylor Swift used some of the estimated $50 million she earned by the age of 20 to buy herself a three-bedroom condominium in Nashville, and over the months she has put her stamp on it. ‘There is this fish pond like a moat around the central fireplace,’ she says. ‘The chimney rises to the ceiling like a tower and on one side of it is a spiral staircase going to a landing/conservatory in the shape of a birdcage. I sit in there all the time – it’s so fun.’ As a little girl, did she like fairy tales by any chance? ‘I was in love with the idea of fairy tales. My bedroom has a balcony that overlooks the living area, Juliet-style,’ she adds. ‘Pretty shameless.’

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46 Comments on “Daily Mail Article + Photoshoot!”

  1. The first two pictures make me cringe. The third reminds me that’s a terrible position to play piano, you need your elbows out a little more, and the fourth, well, I like that one. It’s classier than the first three.

  2. I mean, she looks amazing in all the pictures, she always looks amazing, but in the first three she doesn’t look herself.

  3. taylor you have such a talent. my son skyller swanson is a huge fan of yours. he is only 9 years of age i was woundering if you could send him a autograghed picture i know that it would make his whole day . i don’t know if you will get this but here is our address he do’s not know that i am doing this please if you can send to : 901 clydesdale lane kelso , washington 98626 thank you and keep on singing your fan april sipila and skyller swanson.

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