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Oct 29, 2010

The Ellen Degeneres Show Promo Video

Taylor is going to be on The Ellen Degeneres Show this Monday. She already pre-taped her episode in LA yesterday and the promo video was released today. I can’t wait to see it because Ellen is always very funny and Taylor is also going to perform her new single. I also uploaded a picture of the show which you can view here in the gallery.

54 Comments on “The Ellen Degeneres Show Promo Video”

  1. Kind of sick of the whole “oh you write songs about boys, aren’t you afraid nobody will want to date you?” has been in like every interview since 2007 >_> But Ellen is awesome and this should be a fun show, looking forward to it.

  2. I said it first “Back To December” will be the next single. Although I hope at some point “Better Then Ravage” and/or “Haunted” become singles. That said “The Stroy of us” I feel has more of a vintage Taylor feel equaly as good.

  3. i dont think speak now, back to december or mena should be singles…they already WERE singles were they not…???!!!

  4. I agree iluvthetaylors, I thought they were already released as singles, my radio played Back to Decemeber even. I’d like to see one of the new songs like Better than Revenge instead of waiting months after the 3 singles that have already been put out, are put out again… :S Ah well, they know what they’re doing, I’ll let them to their thing :p

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