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  Leaving Turks & Caicos

Taylor and her family were spotted leaving Turks & Caicos in Miami where they stayed a couple of days on Christmas eve, December 24th. I added High Quality candids which you can see below.


4 responses to “Leaving Turks & Caicos”

  1. trobs says:

    they left for turks and caicos? or miami? what do you mean “they stayed a couple days of on christmas eve” ???

  2. Melissa Maccarini says:

    She was in Miami? I live in Miami. FML. I wanted to see her! xD

  3. Alice says:

    The post confused me as well. Could youl clarify? Turks and Caicos is a place, and I’m pretty sure it’s not in Miami…did you mean she boarded the plane in Miami to Tennessee coming FROM Turks & Caicos..? Or what?

  4. Brian says:

    Samantha probably forgot to put “for” after “leaving,” which would then read as “Taylor and her family were spotted leaving for Turks & Caicos in Miami.”

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