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Target Commercial Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes video from Taylor’s Target commercial has been published. She talks about why she gave Target the deluxe version of the album and we can see more footage from the commercial. You can watch it below!

Target Commercial

A new Target commercial has been released. This commercial promotes 1989 and it features a brand new song called “Style“. Make sure to watch it below! Don’t forget to pre-order the album!

Diet Coke Commercial Behind The Scenes

Access Hollywood has an exclusive behind the scenes look at Taylor’s new Diet Coke commercial. In this video, they show how the commercial was filmed and there’s a little interview with Taylor. Wach the video below!

New Diet Coke Commercial

A new Diet Coke commercial has been released today. In this video, we can see Taylor surrounded by a lot of kittens including her own cat Olivia and it features a brand new song from 1989. She looks great and … Continue reading

Cornetto Ride to Fame Commercial

Cornetto is hosting a contest for bands to have a chance to open Taylor’s shows in Asia. Check out the video below and visit for more information!

New Diet Coke Ad

A brand new Diet Coke ad has been released! It’s motivational, so take a minute to check the video out below!

Macy’s Ad

A Macy’s ad featuring Taylor from last year has begun to air on televisions for the holiday season! It features Miracle on 34th Street and wasn’t heavily circulated last year, so if you haven’t seen it before, you can view … Continue reading

Full “Wonderstruck” commercial

As a lot of you might know, the full-length Wonderstruck fragrance commercial has premiered a couple of hours ago on FOX. Now you can watch the commercial anytime on YouTube so check it out below incase if you missed it. … Continue reading

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