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Nov 12, 2021

Taylor attends the ‘All Too Well’ New York Premiere

In New York City, a premiere for the short film “All Too Well” was held! The film was written and directed by Taylor Swift and starred Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. Taylor stepped onto the carpet in a purple velvet suit from Etro. You can check out photos from the event in our gallery!

New York City’s AMC Lincoln Center theater erupted with cheers on Friday as guests clad in red dresses, scarves and berets danced and sang along to lyric videos from Red (Taylor’s Version), waiting for their queen, Taylor Swift, to arrive at the All Too Well: The Short Film premiere.

“Please take your seats so our showing can begin,” an overhead voice said, putting an end to the dance party but not the buzzing crowd, who eagerly looked toward the theater entrance every so often, hoping to see the star they’d been waiting for.

To pass the time, lyric videos for “Holy Ground (Taylor’s Version),” “Message in a Bottle (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault),” “State of Grace (Taylor’s Version),” “Run (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault),” “We Are Never Getting Back Together (Taylor’s Version)” and “22 (Taylor’s Version),” among others, decorated the big screen.

When Swift and short film stars Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien did eventually enter, they were greeted with shouts of excitement that continued through Swift’s introduction of the film.

“We are brought here today to experience the ‘All Too Well: The Short Film’ premiere — together,” the Grammy-winning star said. “This was a song that started off as a song on the album — just a simple track five,” she continued, referring to the longstanding tradition Swift has of making the fifth track on all of her albums the most personal and tearjerking.

“It started off as a song that was my favorite. It was about something very personal to me. It was very hard to perform it live,” Swift added about “All Too Well.” “Now, for me, honestly, this song is 100 percent about us and for you.”

She went on to thank her fans for encouraging her to re-record her albums, saying that she wouldn’t have felt empowered or emboldened to do so without them, which made her want to do as many things as possible in honor of the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) for her fans.

“One of those things was creating an entire cinematic universe around ‘All Too Well,’” she said to cheers. Toward the end of her introduction, she thanked Sink and O’Brien for their “phenomenal jobs” in the short film and encouraged guests to “feel your feelings. We’ve provided tissues,” packs of which were handed to guests upon arrival.

The short film opens up with a shot of Sink and O’Brien in bed, and Sink asking, “Are you real?” Aside from that, “All Too Well (10-Minute Version)” makes up most of the audio in the film, except for one particular scene between Sink and O’Brien.

After the screening and a standing ovation, Swift, Sink and O’Brien headed to the front of the theater and shared what the project meant to them.

“From start to finish, this has just been a surreal experience,” Sink said. “I’m so glad we finally get to share this with everyone, and I hope you all enjoyed.”

“Hey,” O’Brien began. “I’m sorry about that,” referring to his role in the film, to which an audience member shouted “Asshole,” and he laughed, adding, “That’s right!” He continued with praise for Swift. “Taylor, you’re a genius and, like, the most beautiful person ever.”

When O’Brien and Sink were done, Swift played coy, saying, “I mean there is another thing … I mean I don’t know, I just figured, we’re here, we haven’t done a, God, what are those things? A live performance. We haven’t done one in a while,” as the guests cheered. “I’ve never performed the 10-minute version before, and I feel like it would only be right if that were to happen in this room, if it’s OK with you.”

Before starting her first performance of “All Too Well (10-Minute Version),” guitar in hand, Swift encouraged her fans to sing along with her.

Once the performance was over, Swift bid her fans adieu and said there’d be a second screening for anyone who wanted to watch it again — which most did. It’s a short film they’ll remember all too well.


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