reputation Stadium Tour Book Giveaway

We will be giving away a reputation Stadium Tour Book! Tell us your favorite performance from the tour for a chance to win! You must follow our twitter to win and mention your twitter handle below. Good luck! The contest is open worldwide and ends on November 13th at 11:59 PM! We will announce the winner here when the contest is over!

EDIT: Congrats to Heather for winning the reputation Stadium Tour Book!

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    1. Don’t blame me. The tour version allows you to see Taylor’s true vocal range and IT BLOWS YOU AWAY. The studio version doesn’t do her justice!

  1. My favorite performances of the reputation tour are Don’t Blame Me because of the vocals and I Did Something Bad because the tour version is incredible! I can’t decide which one is my ultimate fav! (twitter: enchantreds)

  2. My favorite Taylor Swift performance on reputation tour is I Did Something Bad and Look What You Made Me Do in Rose Bowl – Pasadena, CA ugh. . . It still gives me goosebumps. ??
    Twitter: @EndracaEunice

  3. my favourite performance is Don’t Blame Me! The production and everything is absolutely stunning and beautiful, plus Taylor’s vocals is AMAZING, from the beginning to end even the high note!!! literally chills everytime i watch the performance!!!

    twitter handle: @colouredswift

  4. OMG. Thank you so, so, so much for the opportunity! My name is Lily, I can’t attend the rep Tour and haven’t managed to get any of the merchandises (except two copies of reputation), so this means a lot to me! X

    My absolute favourite is Don’t Blame Me when she stopped and sang the high note (and the hum…). Honestly the Should’ve Said No mix is also good, too. Or I Did Something Bad. I honestly can’t pick but if I have to choose one, it is Don’t Blame Me!

    I don’t run a fan account on Twitter, but here is my personal one: @xlovelily.

    Thank you!!! :)

  5. real talk guys even one of taylor swift giveaways was not yet been a winner so im hoping that you can pick me.. BTW MY FAVE WAS I DID SOMETHING BAD.. THAT WAS SO MAJESTIC AND VERY SAVAGE PERFORMANCE!!!!

  6. The acoustic performance of Dancing With Our Hands Tied truly captivated me because it made me feel the emotion of the song even more. – @reptayior

  7. My favorite performance of her for the whole concert would be Don’t Blame Me , everytime I listen to this song it gives me a Worship Song vibe, Look What You Made Me Do, she totally nailed and slayed it, Ready For It? her best opening performance for me, lastly, I Did Something Bad, the vocals and the choreography… that’s why Reputation Stadium Tour is the peak of all of her concerts???

  8. My favourites are I did something bad and don’t blame me.
    I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I listen to her music each and every day of my life.She brings joy to my life .Would love to meet her some day but I live in Pakistan and it is far away from her country .

  9. my fav performance is don’t blame me and the acoustig version of so it goes… + holy ground
    my twitter is @shittyswiftie

  10. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together / This Is Why We CAN’T Have Nice Things

    Please I want to win I never win any Taylor’s giveaway

  11. My fav performance is “I did something bad” and I love when she sings call it what you want because it’s SO PURE ???? my Twitter is @TSupdatesCol

  12. @JenniferFK_

    Pleaaaase, pretty please!! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this tour :( so this would be a nice alternative ??

  13. I think for me…
    It would have to be Don’t Blame Me at the show in Sydney. That song is so iconic on its own but when you have Tay in a down pour ripping off her fake lashes and throwing them off… well that is a power move

  14. Long live
    I didn’t go on her tour. I’m still waiting for that day. Long live made Taylor thinks of us and I’m happy that she thought of us. I love you taylorrrr. Actually of the performance on the tour was absurd. You could literally watch it again and again and still have the energy to jump around pretending you’re on the tour. I’ll see you someday Taylor

  15. I Did Something Bad (partly because it’s my favourite song, and also because of its special arrangements that it surprises me everytime)!

  16. Long Live + New Year’s Day mashup is really my favorite because i LOVED the transition and also because i feel the raw emotions of the song everytime she sings it. ❤️✨ — @mojobowjow

  17. twitter handle: @deborahalojado . my favorite song in reputation album is DRESS, every single time i listen to it i cant help but savour every lyrics of it *ohlordsavememydrugismybaby* hahaha and i really love the live performance!! like who doesn’t right?! u’all agree?

  18. Don’t blame me bc its HOLY and takes everyone to CHURCH! & I Did Something Bad bc the performance is an art and the vocal KILLS!
    BTW hii thank you so much for hosting the giveaway, my name’s Vishal and my twitter is @tswiftneed ♡

  19. Delicate and I Did Something Bad! I didn’t actually get a chance to see her live but I do watch a lot of YT videos. I would love to win this. Thank you so much for opportunity!


  20. Hey my name is Rishita and I’ve never been to Reputation tour actually but digitally I attend every single show like I’m always there just my body isn’t! But if I’ve to choose a performance it’s almost impossible for me to choose! This tour has so many amazing performances with choreography, graphics, remixes,lifts and whatnot! Every performances are my favourite in different categories like IDSB has such a mind blowing choreography and song’s version is to die for, Long live/New year’s day is so adorable, nostalgic, magical and pure performance which connects Tay and fans with each other, Don’t blame me is so heavenly with the high notes at the end and we feel like we’re in a church, Shake it off is such an enthusiastic performance and you can’t keep your feet on the ground, Dress and bad blood are so so so sensual with Taylor giving us goosebumps on her every steps, then all the starting performances with the black glittery bodysuit is also majestic….Ready for it, gorgeous, style,love story, YBWM are ionic and omg CIWYW and getaway car and TIWWCHNT are a hell of a way to end the show dancing over a fountain….FOUNTAIN….Who can ever make a tour show so iconic…ofc Taylor?
    THANK YOU so much for this giveaway and giving your time to read everyone’s comments and spreading positivity about REP TOUR!!!
    My Twitter @rishitastyles22

  21. Long Live/New Years Day Mashup
    if i win i will be so happy . it will mean so much to me cause i’m swiftie and i don’t have any merch of taylor.

  22. My favourite sing from tour has to be Call It What You Want! The performance is just gorgeous and so meaningful because Taylor is doing even better than she ever was!
    But every performance that Taylor has done across all the tour dates have been perfect, even when Taylor had a cold from the rainshows twice.
    My twitter is @swiftlyness1989
    It would mean the world to me to win the tour book because I didn’t get to go to the tour, so it would be amazing to have a souvenir of the tour that I didn’t get to see live.

  23. wonderland! the way she made that upbeat song acoustic and still kept the original vibe of it was truly a spectacle to see! so so SO glad i got to witness it in person! unforgettable! @ibejackz

  24. New Year’s Day and long live mashup made me cry. The two songs played on the piano brought my childhood to my adult eyes. I still can hear the piano in my ears.

  25. “Shake It Off” with Camila Cabello and Charli XCX is my favorite performance from Reputation Stadium Tour. Mine twitter handle is Olivera Djordjevic @olivera_smile

  26. @holdcookiedough Definitely Long Live/New Year’s Day. It’s such a beautiful blend and a moment where she is reallly connected to the crowd.

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