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Dec 3, 2014

Time Top 10 Best Albums and Songs

Taylor made it into two Top 10 lists from TIME this year. They chose 1989 as the 4th best album and “Blank Space” as the 2nd best song of the year! Check out more info about it below!

4. 1989, Taylor Swift
Forget the record-shattering sales, relentless promotional appearances, and Spotify squabbles — it’s all just background noise. Taylor Swift’s 1989 is the best mainstream pop album of the year, packing more hooks and thrills pound for pound than anything else on the charts. A longtime master of heartbreaking lyrics, Swift proves on 1989 that she’s just as nimble with sound, working with top-shelf collaborators to craft a bright, bold LP that’s deliriously strange but still slick enough for Top 40. Country’s premiere princess is now pop’s heir apparent.

2. “Blank Space,” Taylor Swift
“Blank Space” hit No. 1 at radio on the strength of its hook — a euphoric singalong chorus so dulcet, it could only have been concocted by a Swede — but the song’s true genius is in its lyrics. This is songwriting at its most brilliantly conceptual: “Blank Space” gives Swift a frame to riff on her man-eating public persona and simultaneously tell a story that feels intimately relatable — after all, who doesn’t feel like a rose garden filled with thorns from time to time? Swift has never been so playful or self-aware.


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