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Sep 8, 2014

Rolling Stone Article

Rolling Stone Magazine has published a new article about Taylor today. It’s very long, but it features some exciting details about the new songs from the upcoming album so be sure to check it out by clicking here! We’ve also added the magazine cover and new pictures from the shoot to our gallery, you can see them by clicking on the thumbnails below.

So my brother comes home the other day,” Taylor Swift says, “and he goes, ‘Oh, my God – I just saw a guy walking down the street with a cat on his head.'”

As an ardent fan of ready-made metaphors, as well as of cats, Swift was excited by this. “My first reaction was, ‘Did you take a picture?'” she says. “And then I thought about it. Half of my brain was going, ‘We should be able to take a picture if we want to. That guy is asking for it – he’s got a cat on his head!’ But the other half was going, ‘What if he just wants to walk around with a cat on his head, and not have his picture taken all day?'”

For Swift – four-time multiplatinum-album-maker, seven-time Grammy winner and billion-time gossip-blog subject – being famous is a lot like walking around with a cat on your head. “I can have issues with it,” she says. “But at the end of the day, I can’t be ungrateful, because I chose this. But sometimes – sometimes – you don’t want to have a camera pointed at you. Sometimes it would be nice if someone just said, ‘Hey, I think it’s really cool that you have that cat on your head. I think that’s interesting.'”

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2 Comments on “Rolling Stone Article”

  1. I really loved this interview. It had so much information in it and I’m so excited about the song titles they mentioned. I love the photoshoot too… definitely getting a copy! :)

  2. Sorry, but she’s trying too hard to be sexy here, in which she is not. Like Ariana Grande, she simply doesn’t have the body.

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