Leaving And Arriving To The Gym

Taylor was seen both leaving and arriving to the gym while out in New York today. She looks lovely in a cute and colorful dress. Head to the gallery to check out the candids.

18 Comments on “Leaving And Arriving To The Gym”

  1. F NYC

    And I really feel sure you are not getting my text`s or anything else I send you.. I act mad but I am not, just feel so stupid.

  2. Yes I am watching.. What’s her name thinks she is it with that big bad mans voice :)
    How do you pronounce her name.. Shekara ?

    CODE: 34448

  3. Your so special to me Babydoll.
    If you could only feel what is going on inside me, and as I type I do have a tear. I hope every day I charge my IPod before the gym, you play with me some how.



  4. Your pretty Taylor.. And really just perfect for me ♥ Do you think you will be able to call me soon? Well I sure hope so♥ I know, I am full of it this morning, but when I see one of your pictures I seem to get a little crazy.



  5. Well I guess I will go jog a couple.. Hope you have fun tonight and remember, I really do think about ya more that an average man should.

  6. Dam I love looking at you :) Never mind the Twitter stuff, just trying to get your attention, and I know you are a busy Lady.
    Figured dropping a note ♪♫ would be a plus towards being yours forever. Forever, mighty strong words coming from a simple person like me.
    Well eny-woo, just to let you know


  7. You tare this boy up girl……. I will send you some loven`s in the morning… I feel sure you are in the bed (where I should be).

    Night Beautiful


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