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Posted on
Mar 18, 2014

Keds #PerfectPairs Style Challenge

Teen Vogue and Keds are pairing up to give you a chance to meet Taylor at an exclusive Nordstrom event! To enter, you need to take a photo featuring the weekly style with the weekly hashtag. For the official rules, click on the read more below!


• Follow this week’s style theme, then add your pic using the upload tool in the Gallery
Tag #perfectpairs and the weekly hashtag within the comments (i.e. #kedsweek1, #kedsweek2…) for your chance to win
• Post each week to enter for a new chance to win, then share your photos across
Instagram and Twitter with the #perfectpairs and weekly hashtags
• Share the challenge to invite your friends to join

Note: Photos can be of any style inspired by the weekly challenge theme! While we’d love to see your Keds, photos do not have to include shoes or Keds to enter.

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1 Comment on “Keds #PerfectPairs Style Challenge”

  1. omg i will so do that ! thats so cool ! i will definitely do it but people that have keds will have a bigger chance :/

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