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Oct 8, 2013

Songwriter of the Year

Taylor has been named the Nashville Songwriters Association International’s songwriter/artist of the year for the sixth time! She’s not only the youngest winner, but she’s also set a record for winning so many times. You can read more below. Congratulations, Taylor!

NEW YORK (AP) – Taylor Swift has set a record with the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

The organization announced Tuesday that it would name Swift as its songwriter/artist of the year. This is her sixth win, beating out five-time winners Vince Gill and Alan Jackson.

The award recognizes Nashville acts that have achieved Top 30 singles. Swift has released 14 Top 30 songs from July 12, 2012, through June 13. She’s also the youngest artist to win the honor.

Her six awards will be displayed at the Taylor Swift Education Center, which opens Saturday at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. The 23-year-old singer donated $4 million to the center.


2 Comments on “Songwriter of the Year”

  1. Taylor is such and AMAZING person and is incredible. This is why she is my idol. She gives and never stops giving she want to help the world In any way she can and this why I adore and love her. I don’t care if I never have the chance to meet her if I did that would be amazing. But I think I speak for all the swfties around the world we are so happy for Taylor and the reason why she has won al the awards that she is one is because she deserves them. So if you are reading this Taylor then I think that is great every one that is a swftie loves you and thinks that you are an amazing person and you deserve anything that comes your way. We love you and love to see you happy. Oh and I can wait to see you here I. New Zealand xoxoxo we love you forever and always. ❤❤❤

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