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May 15, 2013

Billboard Interview

Billboard has released an interview featuring Taylor! Taylor discusses her favorite songs and albums of the year, the loss of country music legend George Jones and the success of her album Red. It also has some funny tid bits about the I Knew You Were Trouble goat video and what she does when she’s in Vegas. Check it out below!

Looking back on the past year, what was the highlight for you?
Taylor Swift: For me, the highlight of this year was that fans went out and bought more than a million copies of “Red” in its first week of release. That was such an unbelievable feeling, knowing that many people wanted to hear about the last two years of my life. When I put out an album, it’s like me releasing my version of events, the way I felt at my highest and lowest points. Sharing that with the world is a vulnerable position to put yourself in, and having it be so celebrated by my fans was almost an indescribable feeling of joy and relief and “Oh, good, they understand me.”

What song really made an impact on you this year?
I’m obsessed with “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line. It’s the catchiest thing I’ve heard in years, and I love the Nelly version too. They’re out on tour with us right now, so I get to hear it all the time. I’m also absolutely smitten with “I Love It” by Icona Pop. It’s the way reckless abandon sounds in my head. I play it right before I go onstage.

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