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Dec 4, 2012

The Telegraph India Interview

Taylor recently did an interview with The Telegraph India about her new album Red. You can read the interview here below or by clicking on this link.

Hear it from Taylor Swift

Girls’ girl Taylor Swift shifts gear from country to pop-driven rodeo twists in her new album Red (Universal Music). There are enough sob-sob tales in there to feed the Taylor Swift myth — she’s all of 22 — as she indeed has come a long way since her 2006 self-titled debut album. And however much the lady doth protest, ex-boyfriends, her gal pals and unhappy endings make Red the stuff any hopeless romantic would kill for. An email chat with t2…

Is Red all about emotions?

The album actually covers the emotions one feels when in a relationship or is getting out of one. It is intense because every relationship turns out to be a roller-coaster ride –– from happiness to anger to frustration.

The album moves away from country. Is this an attempt to look at other genres?

I felt like getting out there and exploring different styles. I’m too young to get stuck in a comfort zone. This is my time to experiment and I’ve tried not to play safe. I’m hoping that my fans will like Red even if it is a little different from what I’ve done before.

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