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Nov 19, 2012

8 Hours With Taylor Swift Now Available

Nigel Barker announced on his site today that his photo book, 8 Hours With Taylor Swift, is now available in Sony stores across the US! He also included a couple of new photoshoot pictures in his post. They look amazing, so be sure to visit your local Sony store to grab a copy! If you want to make scans and send them in, you will get credit!

Exciting times, this week my new photography book “8 Hours Taylor Swift” was released nationwide and is available at Sony stores everywhere. Given the task of photographing Taylor for one full day which believe me when it comes to major stars is not common…normally you get a few hours tops, I decided to push the envelope and reveal as many sides to the extraordinary talent that is Taylor Swift. The Concept: We all feel different on different days, so I asked Taylor to show us three different sides of her personality and play them out in eight hours. My task was to shoot it all with three different cameras, the new Sony A99, Taylor’s favorite the NEX-5R and my new pocket camera the RX-100. Now as these cameras shoot 1080 HD video as well as RAW capture on 16, 20 and 24 Megapixel backs I also shot a series of video vignettes during the day simultaneously… Read/see more

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