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Oct 18, 2012

The Guardian Article

Taylor Swift: ‘I want to believe in pretty lies’

Her country-tinged pop narratives of love and romance have made her a superstar. She talks about her new album Red, the importance of fairytales – and her fear that the magic won’t last

When Taylor Swift talks about love and relationships, she dwells on them at length and in detail. “My girlfriends and I are plagued by the idea, looking back, that [some boys] changed us,” she muses. “You look back and you think: I only wore black in that relationship. Or I started speaking differently. Or I started trying to act like a hipster. Or I cut off my friends and family because he wanted me to do that. It’s an unfortunate problem.”

One gets the impression that Swift, who describes herself as a “girls’ girl”, has many such conversations: the skilful way in which her music untangles the minutiae of feelings has won her the hearts of a devoted fanbase to whom she is somewhere between a best friend and a big sister – awe-inspiring, but relatable. “She’s just – perfect,” gasps Mica, 18, one of around 30 fans – mostly teenage girls – who have gathered outside the Connaught Hotel in London in the hope of a meet-and-greet.

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